DARPA SubT Challenge
Aiming to understand the underground world.
Our understanding of the underground world remains incomplete. Beneath our feet there are thousands of kilometers worth of caves and tunnels. Much of this area is inaccessible to humans and many people have perished trying to explore the caves beneath our feet.

The DARPA SubT challenge hopes to solve the problem of mapping and navigating the underground world. At NUS SEDS we are trying to develop the next generation of robotic swarms that will allow us to do so. We are leveraging state of the art indoor location beacons combined with a high degree of autonomy and cooperation between both ground and aerial robots to help produce a full 3D map of the underground world.

Our vision is to transfer this technology in exploration of other planets in our universe. Our work involves a lot of mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We welcome all students who are interested in joining the DARPA SubT Challenge team in its endeavour to create solutions that enable warfighters and first responders to rapidly map, navigate, and search dynamic underground environments. Two rounds of competitions will be held. One in March 2020 and another in Fall 2021. In total there are $5 million worth of prizes.
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