We are recruiting.
All current NUS students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are eligible for membership, regardless of their faculty and year of study.

In SEDS, we have the following Directorates:

  • Science and Engineering
    • Rover Team (see more here)
    • Autonomous Vehicles Team (see more here)
    • GeoSpatial Team (New)
    • Nanosatellite Team (New)
    • High Altitude Baloon Team (New)
    • Spaceplane Team (New)
  • Policy
    • Research (for conducting space-related studies)
    • Competitions (for participating in space case/policy competitions)

NUS SEDS also hosts talks and workshops. Our weekly talks are called New Frontiers. As part of this series, we have guest lectures (e.g. talks by space scientists, entrepreneurs, former astronauts). Our workshops, New Horizons, teaches students technical skills required for employment in the space industry. These include but are not limited to space robotics, space mission design, spacecraft technology and space entrepreneurship. Our other chapter activities include Yuri's Night, movie nights and lightning talks by SEDS members.

To facilitate the aforementioned activities, NUS SEDS has the following Departments:

  • Finance Department
    • Internal Finance Team
    • Sponsorship Team
  • Outreach Department
    • Creative Team
    • Web Development Team
    • Audio Visual Team
    • Social Media Team
    • Events Team
    • Recruitment Team
    • Partnerships Team
Members are required to participate in at least one project team and at least one management team. Membership lasts for the entire academic year.

As a member you will be able to:

  • participate in projects and develop technical skills
  • garner support for your own initiatives/projects and develop leadership skills
  • attend overseas space-related competitions/conferences/research attachments
  • attend on campus recruitment/ access to our job portal for internships and employment in the space industry (both local and overseas)
  • access software and hardware resources exclusive to NUS SEDS
  • access chapter-exclusive events and activities

We also strongly encourage our members to suggest and pioneer new initiatives that can help our club or community in any way.