Join us.
Interested applicants can email SEDS NUS for more.
All current NUS students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are eligible for membership, regardless of their faculty and year of study.

In SEDS, the following project teams are currently recruiting:

  • Rover Team ⚙️
    • The Rover team handles our flagship engineering project, whose aim is to design and build a semi-autonomous 'Remotely Operated Vehicle' which can accomplish a variety of tasks.
    • Competitions: Indian Rover Design Challenge over this summer. Other Rover Challenges, such as the University Rover Challenge, European Rover Challenge, Indian Rover Challenge and Canadian Rover Challenge over the following semester(s).
    • Applicable Majors: Engineering and science majors preferred, due to the highly technical nature of the project.
    • See more here
  • Autonomous Vehicle team 🤖
    • The Autonomous Vehicle Team builds autonomous vehicles for the DARPA SubT Challenge in order to explore inaccessible spaces more easily.
    • Competitions: DARPA SubT Challenge (Semester 1, AY20/21)
    • Applicable Majors: Engineering and science majors preferred, due to the highly technical nature of the project.
    • See more here
  • Space Policy Team 👽
    • The Space Policy Unit focuses on aspects of space-related policy and development, over multiple areas like space law, space entrepreneurship, space finance etc.
    • Competitions: Compernicus Masters 2020 over this summer, Mars City-State Contest over this summer. Other case competition and research competitions over the following semester(s).
    • Applicable Majors: All majors welcome as the nature of policy and business in space is highly diverse.
NUS SEDS also hosts talks and workshops. Our weekly talks are called New Frontiers. As part of this series, we have guest lectures (e.g. talks by space scientists, entrepreneurs, former astronauts). Our workshops, New Horizons, teaches students technical skills required for employment in the space industry. These include but are not limited to space robotics, space mission design, spacecraft technology and space entrepreneurship. Our other chapter activities include Yuri's Night, movie nights and lightning talks by SEDS members.

To facilitate the aforementioned activities, NUS SEDS has the following Departments:

  • Finance
    • Internal Finance
  • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Recruitment
    • Design
  • External Relations
    • Sponsorships
    • Partnerships
  • Operations
    • Web Development
    • A/V
    • Events
Given NUS SEDS intake size, members are required to be involved in an 'Ongoing Project' as well as in a 'Management Team' role. As such, we hope to enable our members to improve both their technical and soft skills, while also building a portfolio of work.

As NUS SEDS is focused on projects, we hope to keep the management workload to a minimum so members can devote more time to projects. Standard membership lasts for the entire academic year.

As a member you can:

  • Work on projects to build up a concrete portfolio of work in this rapidly growing industry
  • Develop highly sought-after technical skills
  • Gain credible experience managing talented teams
  • Participate and compete in overseas space-related competitions/conferences/research attachments
  • Gain access to exclusive industry and government entities (such as Boeing, DSTA, Equatorial Space Industries...)
  • Hear first about internship opportunities in the the local and overseas Space sector
  • Find support for your own initiatives and projects
  • Use software and hardware resources exclusive to NUS SEDS
  • Attend chapter-exclusive events and activities

We also strongly encourage our members to suggest and pioneer new initiatives that can help our club or community grow.