New Frontiers #4: Google Earth Engine
Recorded by: Harsh Goel, NUS SEDS '19
October 03, 2019

Speaker Bio:

Peter Cecil Sinnott comes from an academic background in the field of geography, having focused on Remote Sensing at McGill University. It was while backpacking in southern India Peter invented and later patented a unique method of monitoring coffee farm harvest yields using satellite imagery.

Peter founded GreenEye to implement this patent and offer reliable coffee production data to the coffee industry. His method has accurately measured Brazil's coffee harvest (producing over half the world's coffee supply) for the last two years. Peter now works full time within the coffee sector with World Coffee Research.

Talk Summary:

Google Earth Engine has significantly reduced the time required to run repetitive analytical tasks with Satellite Imagery. The Java Script interface allows the user to call massive amounts of data in seconds. Data sets available come from both US and EU space missions (NASA and ESA).

The talk will focus on getting started with Google Earth Engine, it's data sources, and making simple calculations such as NDVI and Canopy Coverage Change.